why learning Solution-Focused Brief-Coaching skills is important for Coaches and Managers

What if we told you that by investing a fraction of the time and money, your Clients can achieve the same results of a traditional coaching intervention, making coaching affordable in this economy? Wouldn’t you want to open up new market niches to your practice?

Life Coaching today is needed by more and more people who face challenging times and have to re-orient themselves.

Executive Coaching is more useful than ever in today’s competitive workplace.

A Coach can help Clients be on top of their game, make difficult decisions, act quickly and effectively, interact successfully with other key players.

Yet, the scarcity of resources available for personal or business development makes coaching look like a luxury—8, 10 or more coaching sessions can be too much of an investment for many people and organizations.

That is why Brief-Coaching is key in this economy.

Solution-Focused Brief-Coaching is at least as effective as traditional coaching.

If not more. And after a slow start, the Solution-Focused approach is starting to get the recognition it deserves, being featured in such best-sellers as Switch: How to Change Things when Change is Hard by Chip & Dan Heath.

Yet, as the word “brief” implies, Solution-Focused Brief Coaching requires only one to three sessions to deliver long lasting results for clients (compared to several coaching sessions over months in traditional coaching interventions).

Brief-Coaching is a winning proposition for the Client: little time invested, less money spent,  same or better results.

And the professional satisfaction you get as a Coach watching your Clients tackle and solve difficult issues in an hour or so… priceless!

If you are a Manager working for a company, you probably can resonate very well with this kind of reasoning – today’s organizations have fewer employees and yet the workload is the same as before. Wouldn’t it be useful to learn a communication protocol that allows you to effectively manage and motivate your employees… in just one conversation?

Are you ready to be a better Coach?

Are you ready to be an effective Change Leader?

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