I make adaptive change easier, faster and more comfortable for individuals, for groups and for organizations.
I help people get moving again when they feel stuck or overwhelmed.

I am a PUBLISHED AUTHOR & AN EXPERT in the following areas:
– evidence-based practices for facilitating change.
– positive psychology, i.e., what makes people perform better, feel better and be happier.
– neuroscience, social & evolutionary psychology (human nature—the little we know so far).
I use this knowledge to shape my interventions. I also use it to debunk beliefs and organizational practices.
I share this knowledge by delivering presentations, by consulting with businesses and individuals, and by writing papers and books.

I am a TRAINER. I train clients in stress management and self-mastery skills, using cognitive behavioral protocols and NLP techniques. I train clients in conflict management, using a solution-focused protocol and insights from evolutionary psychology. I train clients in persuasive communication, using protocols from the psychology of persuasion.
I am a DEVELOPMENT CENTER LEADER for assessing individual strengths and talents on which to anchor development projects.

I am an ENTREPRENEUR: I work often with consulting companies but I am self-employed.
I run this website, and I am very active in networking within the Solution-Focused community.
I jealously guard my independence, which is a guarantee of integrity: I choose to participate in projects that reflect the highest professional and scientific standards because I believe these projects can make a positive difference for clients.