A friend of mine asked me why I chose the name briefcoachingsolutions for my website.
Easy: it is the shortest description for what I do.

  • solutions:
    1. that is what my clients arrive at: solutions. For their goals, their needs, their problems. They arrive at better solutions. Faster. With less effort. Solutions sustainable in the long run because they are based on what is already working in the clients’ situations.
    2. it is also the description of my approach: solution-focused.
  • coaching:
    1. that is the tool I use to help clients.
    2. I adhere to the definition and standards of coaching as set forth by the ICF.
  • brief:
    1. this adjective qualifies my coaching. I have been trained in brief-coaching.
    2. brief means that on average it takes my clients from 1 to 3 sessions to get to the results they seek.
    3. being brief is an art: it requires perfecting your techniques to their very essence to the point that as a coach you can deliver in one hour the same results it would take an “ordinary” coach many hours. It takes practice and experience to be able to do that. As a coach it means asking only the few questions that can make a difference at exactly the right moment.
    4. being brief means big savings for clients. Fewer hours of coaching for the same results. Less money spent on coaching. Immediate results.