What are the OUTCOMES of a Solution-Focused, Brief-Coaching session?

I summarize them by using the acronym U-PODS.

U: again, it is all tailored to you, the client. Coaching is a tool at your service. You decide how to best use it. Like a limousine that takes you from point A to point B, more comfortably and efficiently than you could have done on your own, coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to be. And of course you get to choose the route and you definitely need to choose the final destination!

PERFECT: your skills, your talents, your strengths. During the coaching conversation we will focus on what you do that works and  how to use it to further your goals. The underlying assumption is that change is long lasting when people can deploy their strengths rather than when they attempt to fix some flaws – an approach which turns out to be a temporary patch. This is what Positive Psychology teaches us.

ORIENT: The coaching session is an opportunity to take stock of your life. What is important to you, now? Who is important to you, now? What are your priorities? What is your “preferred future”? Answering these questions will allow you to focus your efforts to create the changes you want in your life and in your profession.

DO: Coaching is about action. We talk about what you do that works. We talk about what you can do the moment the coaching session ends. We reflect about the impact of your actions. In the end, you will leave our conversation with an action plan.

SOLVE: The coaching conversation is designed to find solutions that can work for you: unique strategies anchored on your capabilities and life experiences. Solutions that are sustainable over time by you, the client, and that fit your goals and values. Many times I see clients approaching the coaching session with a sense of being overwhelmed or a sense of being stuck. And then I see them at the end of the session with a smile on their faces and a clear sense of direction and purpose, with one or more solutions in their heads!