Amazing & inspiring talk by Aimee Mullins.

… Implicit in this phrase of overcoming adversity is the idea that success or happiness is about emerging on the other side of a challenging experience unscathed, unmarked by the experience… but in fact we are changed, we are marked, of course by a challenge… and I am going to suggest it is a good thing. Adversity is not an obstacle we need to get around in order to resume living our life… it is part of our life.

Should be required viewing for all coaches, trainers or psychologists.

5 thoughts on “The Opportunity of Adversity

  1. Wow!
    She is amazing. This is very inspiring! And I totally agree about how powerful words and language is. I bet Wittgenstein would agree, too!

  2. Nini,
    thanks for your comment – I was very inspired by this video.
    And yes, probably Wittgenstein would agree too!!

    Re tweeting from the website: good point.
    I usually don’t do it, I copy the link on the tweet because I want to add my comment, but you are right – time to do it!! :))


  3. Thank you for your comment, Rick.
    I agree – in our culture there is a tendency to think that discomfort is to be avoided at all costs and that if bad things happen they are enemies to overcome.
    Instead, adversity is part of life and we need to make friends with it…

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