Paolo Terni is a Coach that has undoubtedly achieved optimum balance between professionalism and human touch. Being a remarkably vigilant listener, he can easily offer perceptive comments that unlock understanding and stimulate advancement. A Mentoring session with Paolo guarantees a comparative advantage; it boosts your development both as an individual and as a coach. Once the way to your goal is paved, Paolo openly shares his thoughts and lavishly offers an inspiring insight into his expertise. He is definitely a Coach that can meet his clients where they are standing, sense where they want to go and nudge them accordingly.
- Fania

Paolo’s long and professional experience never stands in his way when coaching or doing Solution-Focused Briefcoach training. You always get the feeling that you are on a journey discovering new land for the very first time when having a conversation with Paolo. That is quiet unique both when it comes to learn in a professional setting (training) and to learn in a personal process of development (coaching conversation).
- Jesper

One of the most admired professional qualities I have seen working with Paolo is his single-minded persistence and genuine openness for learning. His depths and passion for solution focused brief coaching is evident in his writings and teachings, and his gentle humility and respect shows in his personal interaction with his students, peers, and other colleagues. I know Paolo to be a man of sound discipline and principle in his personal and professional life, trustworthy and passionate.
- Haesun

Paolo is a reliable and effective professional for Human Resources area.
Within his strengths, two of them represent his great added value at work:
1) he is always goal focused, being able to manage the stress due to the work environment and the daily line of duty activities.
2) he is able to merge both the technicalities and the empathy.
- Paolo

I have known Paolo for ten years as a professional colleague and I have seen him developing his talents and skills throughout each project and work experience we shared.
Paolo represents for the people he works with a constant source of learning because of his cognitive ability to widen one’s point of view, to create links between apparently separated details and to range among the possibilities of lateral thinking eventually offering unexpected solutions.
What has often struck me, is that he is able to see the “hidden” architecture of things, with native pragmatism and strategic view.
Let me add that to this that I have always appreciated his humble attitude and open-minded approach to work and life matters and, in particular, his valuable integrity and fair play.
I confidently believe that his coachees will enjoy an involving didactic clearness which enriches his profile and contribution.
- Cristina

Few days ago I have asked Paolo to let me know his opinion about a Leadership Development program I prepare for one of my clients. Paolo has proved a reliable opinion leader, with a lot of consideration for my work and with many very good recommendations for a successful program. Since we’ve met in 2009 in Basel, Paolo continues to surprise me with his quality of work, supportive behaviour and wonderful human touch for everything he is doing. Thank you.
- George