Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

My warmest Season’s Greetings to all my readers.

And my wish for you for 2013 in these words of Steve Jobs – in the New Year, embrace change and improve this world!

(link to a 90 second YouTube video of Steve Jobs talking about the ‘Secrets of Life’ in 1995).


Happy New Year!


WIshing you all a great, productive, happy 2010, filled with joy, peace and love.

As a New Year gift, I am sharing with you my recently published peer-reviewed paper:
In this paper I argue that Solution-Focused interviewing protocols are evolutionary algorithms deployed in conversations.
My paper is an attempt to put Solution-Focus firmly within the context of mainstream science.

My central claim is that just like Evolution is a theory in the sense that it provides a “recipe” for the emergence of life forms and their adaptations, so SF is a theory in the sense that it provides a “recipe” for the emergence of solutions and useful adaptations within the context of a conversation.
Evolution and SF are both algorithms rather than theoretical constructs.

I hope this paper will generate some debate within and without the SF community.

I am open to any feedback you guys might have.
Anything that could bring us closer to the goal of establishing a comprehensive science-based coaching discipline.

Again, Happy New Year and… enjoy!