The fee pays for the following:

  1. Sixteen hours of coach specific training;
  2. training materials (handouts);
  3. certificates of completion issued by Solutionsurfers crediting the participant with 16 ICF ACTH (Accredited Coach Training Hours).

The fee does not cover:

  • transportation costs;
  • accommodation;
  • meals, refreshments or beverages;
  • anything not specified in the section above.

Cancellation policy

  • full refund (minus a US$40.00 processing fee) if canceling before 10/23/2016.
  • 50% refund (minus a US$40.00 processing fee) if canceling before or on 11/07/2016.
  • No refund from 11/08/2016 onwards.

 Right of refusal

Paolo Terni BriefCoachingSolutions reserves the right to refuse admittance to the workshop.  In addition, Paolo Terni BriefCoachingSolutions reserves the right to remove from the program a participant who, according to Paolo Terni’s judgement, is negatively impacting other students and/or the learning environment.

Waiver of liability

By signing up for  the workshop, each and every participant (acting on behalf of himself/herself, each of his/her heirs, legal representatives, successors and anyone else who may act on his/her behalf) knowingly and intentionally waives and releases and holds harmless Paolo Terni BriefCoachingSolutions and any of its officers, agents, contractors, assigns and all persons, natural or corporate, associated with Paolo Terni BriefCoachingSolutions and with Paolo Terni, from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liability, costs and expenses in connection with any loss of life, injury or damage to person or property or any other type of injury and damage (including attorney’s fees and including consequences of any decision made during the simulation and practice of coaching sessions) of any kind or nature arising directly or indirectly from his or her participation in the workshop, whether during the workshop or traveling to/from the workshop, whether at the workshop venue or in any other location visited by the participant as a result of his / her decision to attend the workshop, whether seen or unforeseen.


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