How about learning the latest evidence-based techniques for leading others using your current work challenges as a training ground?

How about learning to solve your work problems by leveraging your unique strengths and capabilities?

How about learning how to be more productive and less stressed out using the latest discovery in psychology about how the brain works?

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Among the Companies whose key decision-makers benefited from my Executive Coaching: Gruppo SanpellegrinoMolmed BiotechZF-Hurth Marine / Italy, SAMESAES Getters. For a complete list of my clients click here.


“Paolo is a reliable and effective professional for Human Resources area. Within his strengths, two of them represent his great added value at work: 1) he is always goal focused, being able to manage the stress due to the work environment and the daily line of duty activities. 2) he is able to merge both the technicalities and the emphaty” – Paolo Buratto, former HR Manager of ZF Marine via Linkedin

“Sometimes, my co-workers ask me whether you are born with the ability to talk to others, to involve others; I always reply that in part it is inborn, in part it depends on your education, but it also depends on your own personal learning, via workshops, reading, coaching and… Paolo Terni” – Elena Scandolara, former Quality Manager for Levissima – Gruppo Sanpellegrino, personal communication, my translation from Italian.