What are the end results of a briefcoaching intervention?

What are the benefits of hiring me as a coach?

Coaching, after all, is just a means toward an end.

10 years of working with different clients in different settings—from corporate executives to small business owners, from managers to individuals who wanted something better for themselves—has given me understanding of the business I am in.

I am in the business of increasing people’s life satisfaction.

This is what clients are really asking for when they want to “change”.
Either directly or indirectly, this is the end result they seek.
Either directly or indirectly, this is the end result I deliver.

– by enhancing skills, performances and achievements via a strength-based approach to development, clients experience an increased sense of self-efficacy which leads to increased life satisfaction
– by focusing on goals that truly matter to them and by matching who they are and who they want to be, clients experience more meaningful lives, which leads to increased life satisfaction
– by reaching their goals faster and with less effort, leveraging their unique talents and fine tuning their relational, cognitive, self-mastery and behavioral skills, clients experience more engaged lives and that leads to, you guessed it-increased life satisfaction

I use techniques derived from Positive Psychology, which are proven to work in increasing life satisfaction.
This approach builds on itself and on the natural strengths of clients, creating a snowball effect:
often clients take action to improve areas of life not even mentioned during the coaching sessions, such as eating habits or working out!