Master of Applied Positive Psychology

Martin Seligman in class

Quick update — I gained admission at UPenn’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), a very intensive program designed for professionals and taught by the founders of Positive Psychology themselves to a selected few. I have the privilege and the honor to have as teachers: Martin Seligman, Angela Duckworth, Barbara Fredrickson, Paul Bloom, Barry Schwartz, Jonathan Haidt, Paul Rozin, James Pawelski and others.

I am having a lot of fun but it is also a lot of work.

That means I will stop blogging for the next few months, all my intellectual energies not taken up by work are devoted to this program.

On the flip side, I am writing quite a few papers and essays, and I am starting a research project, so when I am done I will have lots of materials to share with you!

Solution-Focused Brief Coach Training at UC Davis

Solutionsurfers’ PURE Brief Coach Training Program – Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Solutionsurfers is very proud to announce our partnership with the University of California system.

Our next training workshop will be delivered on October 12 & 19 (module 1),  at the UC Davis Extension in Sacramento, California.

Fee: US$ 675 includes lunch and parking fees.

14 CEUs credits with the ICF.

For more information and for registration, please click on the following >>>> LINK which will take you to the UC Davis page for the workshop.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

My warmest Season’s Greetings to all my readers.

And my wish for you for 2013 in these words of Steve Jobs – in the New Year, embrace change and improve this world!

(link to a 90 second YouTube video of Steve Jobs talking about the ‘Secrets of Life’ in 1995).


Mr. Bear Wants to Be Loved: and Other Stories About Making Change Easier

My latest book: “Mr. Bear Wants to Be Loved: and Other Stories About Making Change Easier – for Children and Their Parents” is out!

This book was born as a challenge: how to introduce Solution-Focus in terms so simple that even a 6-year-old would understand.

True to its objective, it became a book for children about how to make change easier.

In this book you find 9 short stories about change.

Each story illustrates a simple strategy to make change easier or to think differently about problems.

The main characters of the book are Ms. Elephant and Mr. Monkey.
They meet other animals who want to make a change in their lives.
Mr. Monkey is very well intentioned, and he tries to help the forest’s inhabitants following the traditional, orproblem-focused, approach to change. Ms. Elephant is very well intentioned too. She helps the forest’s inhabitants by empowering them using a Solution-Focused approach.

The stories can be read by (or to) children age 4 to 8.

Each story is accompanied by some comments and suggestions for further reading.

The comments are aimed at adults who might want to find out more about the concept presented in each story, and learn a little bit more about how to make change easier in their own lives.

To find out more about the book and to purchase it on Amazon, please go to:


PS: thanks to all of you who already bought the book! That was very encouraging. I would especially like to thank Bärbel, Klaus, Marco and John for taking the time to send me some very supportive and positive notes about the book!